The S. Domenico’s church SS. Rosario’s church

sandomenico09.jpg (55995 byte)The S. Domenico’s church is an ancient church. It was founded by Leonardo Russo, a rich man escapes death. This church orises on the walls of anather church. The church of S. Giovanni and S. Vincenzo a Campo according to Cerasuoli or the church of S. Fortunato and SS. Aurelio and Clemente according to Camera.

Next to the church there is a Domenican monastery. It was seat of chaus of Philosophy of Philology and of Theolagy.

This church is colled SS. Rosario’s church too.

On the flaor of the church there is a mosaic of the Rosary. On its front there is a rose window. It representes the Virgin gives a Rosary to S. Domenico (has the face of Leonardo Russo ). Inside the church there orent art treasure but yuo can find: the statues of S. Domenico and Virgin, a fine altar, sacred pictures, on organ, some pews, a confessional and crypt there are domenica remains. The church is at via Roma. Yuo reached it on foot and yuo take fifteen minutes or by car and yuo take five minutes yuor can walk trough Corso Reginna for about two hundred and fifty metres and then turn on the right.

Yuo can walk trough via Nuova Chiunzi by bus for about two hundred and fifty metres and then turn on the left.

Now the S. Domenico’s church is closed for repairs.